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All about Male Reproductive Health

Sexual health or hygiene is an area of physical health that deals specifically with the reproductive processes and functions at all the stages of a person’s life. Human beings have the capacity to have safe and satisfying sex lives if and when they choose to do so. Essentially, this branch of health deals with the reproductive organs and the diseases associated with them. It also deals with diseases that are acquirable by means of sexual activities. In this article, the topic of male sexual health will be discussed with a specific interest in the subtopic of male ejaculation.

Male Reproductive Health

Male reproductive health is an important factor of a man’s overall health because of its components which, essentially, makes a man different from a woman. Male reproductive health concerns itself with the reproductive organs, their diseases, infertility, and contraception. Any and all diseases associated with the male reproductive organs as well as those acquired through sexual intercourse are all fall under male reproductive health.
Male Reproductive System

Male reproductive system

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The male reproductive organ is a system of organs that work hand in hand in the process of human reproduction. The main components of this system are the penis and testicles. The penis is an external organ that is used for copulation. This organ fills up with blood when the person is aroused, resulting to an erection. The penis is also the reproductive organ that is stimulated when the person is aroused. On the other hand, the testicles are internal organs that are responsible for producing sperm and testosterone.

Male Ejaculation

Male ejaculation is a phenomenon wherein semen is ejected out of the penis when a man achieves orgasm. This phenomenon can happen at any stage in life due to the male reproductive system being active from birth to death. Basically, as long as the individual can achieve orgasm, ejaculation will also occur. This phenomenon occurs most often during teenage years when a person begins to understand the reproductive system. During this stage of life, stimulation is often done by masturbation. While masturbation is a healthy and normal aspect of a man’s life, excessive masturbation may lead to male sexual problems.

Male Sexual Problems

Male sex problems are often associated with excessive masturbation. Excessive masturbation is one of the primary causes of premature ejaculation (PE). It has also been associated with impotence or erectile dysfunction in more than one bodies of research. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain the erection of the penis while PE is reaching orgasm using only minimal stimulation. These disorders, while not affecting a person’s capabilities to produce offspring, are nuisances when it comes to the person’s sex life. Men will find themselves achieving orgasms before their partners do so.

Dealing with Male Sex Problems

People suffering from these conditions are usually embarrassed and have a hard time coping with them. For people with impotence, it is best to first tell your partner about the problem so that there will be no surprises in the bedroom. Afterwards, it is advised to contact doctors so that the problem could be checked. Follow the doctor’s treatment plan and maintain a healthy lifestyle to try to circumvent this problem. If all else fails, there are always pills available in the market.
For people suffering from premature ejaculation, it is advised to have a conversation with your partner regarding the matter. During sexual activity, it is advised to delay any stimulation on the man. The man should first pleasure his partner and then receive the same pleasure when the partner is close to orgasm. This method prevents the man from achieving orgasm during the early stages of sexual activity.

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Male Sexual Problems