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Dating Tips for Men

For some dating tips for men that can help with everything from picking up a woman to wowing her a few dates in, read on.While dating is an activity that’s centuries old, the dating game has experienced some significant changes over the years. While courting a woman for months may be romantic to characters in a Shakespeare play, the reality is that dating is a whole different ballgame than it used to be. Don’t worry the dating tips for men are coming so keep reading guys and good luck finding that special someone in your life.

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Remain Confident

Whether you’re trying to approach a woman at a bar or are about to head out on a first date, remaining confident is the number one dating tip. While it’s normal to be nervous, women can sense fear like animals, and nothing’s more attractive than a sense of confidence. To help keep your nerves at bay, think of some conversation topics in advance that are within your knowledge and comfort zone. However, make sure you’re not overly confident to the point of appearing egotistic–some modesty might serve you well!

Have a Plan

There’s nothing worse for a woman than asking her date what the plan for the evening is and him replying with, “I dunno. Was thinking we’d plan as we go?” If you want to present yourself as an attractive and viable option for a woman, remember that women are planners, and they want you to be a planner, too (even if it’s against your nature). When going on a date, have the reservation ready, purchase your tickets in advance, and present yourself (yes, appearances matter) in a fashion that says you’re ready for the evening.

Best dating tips for men

Keep Chivalry Alive

One of the biggest relationship tips that men tend to forget about is the importance of chivalry. While it is the 21st century, and women are more independent and liberal than ever, they do still appreciate a little romance from a gentleman. Open her car door, pick up the check, and don’t talk about guy humor. Something like flowers can go a long way, as can simply saying the words, “you look beautiful tonight.” If you’re approaching a woman at the bar, don’t go for something offensive, like commenting on her cup size. Rather, keep it simple and honest, sweet and flattering.

Pay Attention

Whether you’re going on a date or talking to a person for the first time in a coffee shop, remember that everyone likes to be the center of attention. Keep your eyes focused on her, ask her questions about her, and resist the urge to spill your guts and give details about your awesome comic collection. While there’s no reason you can’t talk about you, too, remember that a conversation requires that two people that both talk and listen.

By following these simple relationship tips, you’re guaranteed to be well on your way to a successful dating plan. If you guys have any other successful dating tips for men you would like to see on here just give me a shout.

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