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Sexual health refers to a general state of well-being, both physically and mentally, and is the ability to enjoy one’s own sexuality throughout the course of one’s life. A sexual health problem, on the other hand, refers to any issue or dysfunction that prohibits a person from embracing his sexuality and sexual abilities. A sexual health problem can be embarrassing, frustrating, and even worrisome or scary. Not only that, it can have a negative effect on your relationship or marriage. For more information about common types and causes of male sexual problems, refer to the following:


Common Male Sexual Problems


There is an array of sexual problems that a man may experience. Most commonly, sexual problems in men include:




Most of the conditions above are not serious, and are easily treatable.


Causes of Men’s Sexual Problems


Men’s sexual problems can be caused by both physical and psychological causes. For example, a health problem or disorder may cause a problem with sexual function. Conditions that are often linked to male sexual problems include diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, alcoholism, neurological disorders, and hormonal disorders. A sexual disorder might also be the result of certain medications.


On the other hand, sexual problems can result from psychological causes, too. Anxiety, stress, depression, relationship problems, physical insecurities about penis size and performance, or previous sexual trauma can all contribute to sexual health problems. Sometimes, something as simple as not being attracted to your sexual partner can result in inhibited ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.


Treatment for Sexual Problems in Men


Anyone can be affected by a sexual problem, and disorders such as erectile dysfunction and a lack of interest in sex are actually more common than you might think. The good news is that the majority of sexual disorders are treatable, either with lifestyle changes, medication, or therapy.  If you’re suffering from a sexual disorder, you should consult with a doctor to talk about your options.

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